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Securities Trading System


Through a interface, we provide automatic pushed order ticker to market partners and collect settlement information on executed volume.

China Connect Stock Trading (Shanghai and Shenzhen Connect)

We are a total solution provider of Shanghai Connect and Shenzhen Connect, clients can trade and settle A Shares via our trading and settlement platform. Hee is also an Orion Market Data Platform-China Connect (Securities) service provider, providing trading and A-Shares market data to clients.

Periodic Stock Investment

Support Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Native Mobile Application

Back Office System

Support Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information

Support Investor ID Model for Stock Connect Northbound Trading

Streaming Stock Quote Service

As a HKEX approved real-time data vendor, Hee provide a speedy, stable and reliable streaming stock quote service. Our system support real-time stock quote broadcasting via website iOS mobile devices and Android mobile devices.

Two Factor Authentication Mobile APP (heeToken)

Two Factor Authentication (“2FA”) is currently viewedconsidered as an effective way of deterring hackersto prevent hacking., Iin view of this, the Securities and Futures Commission have requested intermediaries including stock brokers and banks to implement 2FA for their clients when logging in via the internet. Hee also have native APP (heeToken) for each of iOS and Android mobile devices to streamline the login process via our heeToken.


We provide tailor made professional financial technology solutions to fit individual clients demand.

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